My three favorite F words.


food. fitness. fashion


I have always had a passion for cooking.  Growing up I would spend countless hours in the kitchen experimenting and creating new recipes. In the past 5 years I have realized the importance of health (metabolism really does hit a wall once you start creeping towards 30) and “recipe twisting” to create healthy alternatives to classic favorites became an all out addiction. It’s all about flavor, and lots of it! Taste-bud bursting flavor doesn’t have to be sacrificed because you’re watching your waistline. I like to consider myself queen foodie when it comes to recreating recipes stripped down to as little fat, cholesterol, and sugar as possible without diminishing the flavor and nutrient value (sounds impossible, huh. Stay tuned and I’ll share my secrets)!

However, as a realist and occasional glutton, I realize you do only live once, so you should most definitely treat yourself every so often. My weaknesses are cake and pasta. My specialty cheat meals include my strawberry cake with vanilla bean frosting, and my baked sausage rigatoni. Food is such an important thing in my life. I rely on it way too much, both for the obvious survival reasons and for the immense comfort it provides when I’m feeling sad, or bored, or in a celebratory mood, or after a workout, or really every second of every minute of every day. Which can be problematic, leading me to my next topic…


fitness can either be a dream or a nightmare (mostly nightmare, in all honesty) depending on how you approach it. Sure, in today’s society it’s all about the skinny bitch who looks fabuluxe at the gym with her hair and makeup fully in tact glistening on the treadmill. Meanwhile, here I am, barely able to breath, sweating all over with a nasty lopsided top bun. In the end you have to find the weight, body, and image that works for and is true to you. That usually involves some manner of physical fitness, and therein lies the problem for many of us ladies. It’s all about the approach. If you approach physical fitness thinking you want to lose 20 pounds in a month and you are going to go to the gym every day-for-5-hours-and-are only-going-to-eat-a-one-ounce-piece-of-cheese-before-and-a-one-ounce-handful-of-almonds-after-and-spike-your-water-with-whatever-algae-is-going-to-burn-the-most-fat-and-eat/drink-nothing-else  then yea, you are going to fail (miserably). However, when your mind is ready to commit to a lifestyle change that is where you are going to see remarkable and rewarding results. There is that saying that says, “It takes 31 days for your body and mind to accept a new change or routine in your life.” It is always tough to commit to a lifestyle change, especially when it has to do with working out and changing your diet. The day you start seeing results is the day you will become hooked and will want to continue to see results in your body, and with that your attitude and outlook will change. I know, because I’ve been through plenty of fitness/weight peaks and valleys. I am to yo-y0 dieting what Beyonce is to pop music. I am the master. From virtual starvation (with fantastic results, might I add), to the ballooning stages of gaining back every ounce dropped (by eating or drinking anything, because that’s how the yo-yo diet crumbles), and then installing the skinny app for instagram in a desperate attempt to salvage things, it’s been a vicious cycle. But for a long time, it was worth it. (Or so my silly self thought) It was always hard for me to find a workout plan that I could tolerate, much less enjoy. I had to discover what worked for me, and just like cooking, that took some practice and experimentation. I have discovered I actually somewhat, maybe a tiny bit, enjoy a nice variety of high intensity interval training. This is a type of cardiovascular training that incorporates high-intensity cardio moves, followed my low intensity moves, followed by rest. You normally repeat this process anywhere from 5-10 intervals. I also enjoy yoga and how it transforms your body to be able to sync with your mind (so you know, my body can tell my mind that we’re actually not hungry, just feeling the need for a little munchie to take the edge off).


and finally my favorite, fashion. What girl doesn’t get excited about clothes, jewelry, bags, and shoes? Working in retail and being around clothes 24/7 has really given me an eye for fashion and what looks great paired together. In addition to yo-yo dieting, my resume also impressively includes impulse shopping. Better to binge on clothes than food, right? Whether its stripes paired with solids or black paired with white, its amazing to see first hand how versatile clothes are. Fashion is a way to show your style and be able to tell your story without saying a word. I love when customers walk in my store and I can guess what type of person they are based on their clothes and how they style themselves.

So that’s a little bit of me. I decided to name my blog bourbon and bangles because the bourbon symbolizes my love for Kentucky, as well as my love for food and beverages. Bangles symbolize my passion for fashion.

…I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far and I’m excited to post food recipes (lots of them), fitness tips, my favorite fashion and beauty products, and how-to videos. Hoping to provide some great tips and ideas along with lots of laughter. Some outrageously comical things happen in my little everyday life and I can’t wait to entertain you guys with stories along the way. Okay, my blog has officially began. Here goes nothing …

<3<3 caitlin

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