Where my beaches at…

The average 40 hour work week means we work 251 days out of the year which equals out to 2,008 hours. That being said everyone deserves to enjoy a nice vacation, whether it’s a simple “staycation” or a more adventurous “destination” vacation. 

Personally, I prefer destination vacations. I like to escape reality for a week and sip margs by the ocean. Don’t get me wrong, I love my career and am so thankful for it, but allowing yourself to take a “break” every once in awhile is not only rewarding but very much needed in everyone’s life. 

We went to Daytona, Florida. It’s south Daytona shores so it’s a little bit aways from the “crazy spring breakers” part of Daytona. We stayed at the Hyatt, which was right on the beach. The rooms were very spacious and clean and came with a private balcony. 

There is nothing better than looking out into the never ending ocean and feeling sand between your toes. It really puts things in perspective and makes you realize how great God is. 


Things to pack in your beach bag: Top three must haves:

  1. Water bottle- hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The salt water plus the sun naturally dehydrates your body. Nothing is worse than feeling like you are going to faint because your body is dehydrated. I always fill my water bottle up with ice and just let it melt in the sun. 
  2. Sun screen. I know our parents always told us to layer on the  SPF 100.. Ok, maybe not the 100 but definitely wear at least SPF 15. 
  3. It’s a 10- this is seriously a miracle leave in product. After you get out of the ocean spray a little of this product and it will protect your hair from damaging and will keep it hydrated and conditioned. 

Tips on saving money: 

Find a hotel with a complimentary breakfast. The Hyatt offered a complimentary breakfast bar every morning. Every morning I ate their oatmeal bar and added in dried fruit and granola. I also grabbed a banana and bagel for lunch. Now, don’t be grabbing the whole breakfast bar and stuffing item after item after item in your bag to save for later. That is not only embarrassing but also very frowned upon.  There was also a cute little beach stand that sold burgers, hotdogs, nachos, and ice cream at a very reasonable price. I tried to stay away and remember I was in my bathing suit all day. Regretfully, the sweet concession lady and I became great friends. Sorry to all the beach walkers out there who had to witness myself stuffing my face with nachos while sitting in the sand with not great posture. Thankfully, I don’t know any of you and will never have to see you again. 

We lounged around at the beach all day, paddleboarded, and sipped cocktails (yes, the ones with the little cute umbrellas. You’re not officially on vacation until you are served drinks with umbrellas in them) 



Dinner was our favorite time to go explore the city and find local favorites.  


 Shop my look: Attention-Retention Romper. Size small. SHOPTHEMINT 

    Ocean Deck 

This cute restaurant sits right on Daytona shores beach. The wall in the back opens right up to the beach. We were way overdressed, everyone else wore swim suits and cover ups.  We definitely got the “you’re not from around here” stares. Everyone was so welcoming once we sat down and started mingling with the locals. They had great seafood and drinks. 


  Shop my look: “All my love” romper. Size small. SHOPTHEMINT 

Crabby joes 

This was definitely my favorite pick of the week. The restaurant sits literally on top of the ocean. There is a long Boardwalk dock that extends into the ocean so when the current is strong the whole restaurant shakes.. It’s a fun experience. 


    The Roof 

This rooftop bar is located on the roof of Joes Crab Shack. They have a fun atmosphere with great drinks. You can sit by the massive bonfire, play cornhill, or just sit and enjoy the music and the scenery. 


This is the cutest local homemade taffy and treats shop located right on the boardwalk.  They offer over 90 different taffy flavors, not to mention offers wonderful ice cream. I tried the mint chocolate chip and it definitely did not disappoint. 

   Boardwalk and Pier

Ale | Rays | Kate   ❤️❤️❤️

Mimosas .. Not hating it ☺️  

 .. All you need to have a great vacation is good friend, good food, and great drinks 💗 


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