Boho Must Haves.

Peasant shirts have made a comeback! Before, the two words that use to come to my mind when I thought of peasant shirts were: hippies or maternity. Thankfully, some amazing designers have re-designed the peasant top and have turned it into one of the hottest styles for spring and summer. 

How they fit

Peasant tops are made from a lightweight material making it perfect for summer. They have a relaxed and flowy fit and best of all,  figure flattering on all body types. 

How to wear a peasant top

The main reason why these shirts are a MUST HAVE summer staple is because of their versatility. Dress it up or dress it down. You can’t go wrong. (Like seriously, you just can’t)

  1. JEANS: You can never go wrong with denim.  Skinny jeans and boots OR boyfriend jeans and wedges turn this outfit into a street style yet classic look. 
  2. Shorts: If you are feeling those festival vibes then you should pair together high rise shorts, (with frays at the bottom) gladiators, stacked bangles, and a cute messy braid for an earthy tone look. 
  3. Skirts: This look is great when you pair together a solid peasant shirt with a printed skirt or bohemian maxi skirt. For the printed shorter skirt It looks best tucked in or front tucked. If it’s a maxi skirt an off the shoulder cropped peasant top looks best untucked.  Tie your hair up in a messy top bun and you have achieved that “bare shoulder bohemian vibe” look. 


wrap front peasant shirt || high rise black jeat leggings || suede ankle booties



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