A day at the winery…

You know that feeling when you close your eyes and take in a deep breath and you smell the outdoors and feel the sunny rays shining down on you? This is a perfect recipe for a day at the winery. Hubers winery is tucked away in Starlight, IN (about 30 minutes outside Louisville). This scenic winery is not only surrounded by gorgeous scenic views but also has delicious wines and foods.

 The patio outside was a beautiful setting and the little band playing while we ate was icing on the cake.

Wine tasting

  We walked upstairs to the tasting room. We chose 4 tastings for only $5. My favorite was their #1 selling red wine, Sweet Marcella. Another group favorite was the spiced apple. This one is seasonal and only available for one more month. (So get it while you can you apple lovers)    After the tasting we decided to try their famous sangria’s. I have always about their legendary Sangria pitchers and they sure did not disappoint … They were absolutely delicious! We got the Peach sangria to share. It comes in a take home pitcher with all their famous recipes on it.

The vineyard.


If you are EVER in the Louisville area this needs to be on your to-do list.


Great winery. Great friends. Great day💗


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