PS, i love jords

PS– I love you.

Yes, its our first valentines day together as a couple. The best part is knowing that this is the first of many more valentines days to come with my love, Michael. Obviously,  I wanted to make our first special and memorable. I knew I wanted to get him a watch, not just any watch, but a wood watch. Michael has become very interested in wooden products. This summer he bought a pair of wood sunglasses that he loved so I knew he would love a custom wood watch.

Watches have always and will always be a great gift idea. However, just giving a normal brand name watch has become not only cliché but also not so special. Now, Michael is an avid apple watch wearer. While those watches are trendy and practical for his everyday living I wanted to give him something different, something unique.  I was so happy when I discovered Jord’s Conway series. These are not just normal wood watches, Jord’s Conway series are the first chronograph watch for men. Dark sandalwood is paired up with zebrawood to create a gorgeous two toned look. After browsing their selection of wood watches I fell in love with this one and I knew Michael would love it too.

This company is phenomenal at not only their eye for detail and creativity but also with their customer focus mentality. They make it a priority to get the know the customer’s likes and dislikes in order to find their perfect watch.

This was a perfect first Valentines gift! Thank you, JORDS!

JORD | Conway Series | Dark sandalwood & Zebrawood











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