EASY @ home teeth whitening with [SMILE.brilliant]

I am so excited to talk about my experience with @smilebrilliant. I seriously felt like I was at the Dentist getting my teeth professionally whitened, only difference being the incredible price (oh, and the fact that I was able to whiten my teeth while working out, or lounging in my PJ’s). Initially, I was skeptical … More EASY @ home teeth whitening with [SMILE.brilliant]

PS, i love jords

PS– I love you. Yes, its our first valentines day together as a couple. The best part is knowing that this is the first of many more valentines days to come with my love, Michael. Obviously,  I wanted to make our first special and memorable. I knew I wanted to get him a watch, not just any watch, … More PS, i love jords

Vegas style✨ #flc2016 #ON

Opportunities for positive life change present themselves sparingly, and the subsequent decision to defer, reject, or wholeheartedly embrace opportunities of this type almost always result in major life change: for better, for worse, and for a bit of a wild ride through transition. I recently embraced one such opportunity and left a 4-year run with an incredible company, Abercrombie and Fitch, to start my journey as General Manager of Old Navy in the Central Territory (Indiana … More Vegas style✨ #flc2016 #ON