EASY @ home teeth whitening with [SMILE.brilliant]

I am so excited to talk about my experience with @smilebrilliant. I seriously felt like I was at the Dentist getting my teeth professionally whitened, only difference being the incredible price (oh, and the fact that I was able to whiten my teeth while working out, or lounging in my PJ’s). Initially, I was skeptical … More EASY @ home teeth whitening with [SMILE.brilliant]

Boho Must Haves.

Peasant shirts have made a comeback! Before, the two words that use to come to my mind when I thought of peasant shirts were: hippies or maternity. Thankfully, some amazing designers have re-designed the peasant top and have turned it into one of the hottest styles for spring and summer.  How they fit Peasant tops … More Boho Must Haves.